The Hidden Fixing System is a discreet sign installation system which is unique to Engraved Timber Signs. It is suited to larger signs i.e. 1 metre or over (e.g. farm signs).

This sign installation system removes any necessity of drilling through the face of your beautiful new sign and provides a secure fixing of the sign to posts. In order to use this system you must be fixing to a surface which can be accessed from the back for drilling and screwing.

If you are ordering our posts this is pre-done for you.The metal components for this system are stainless steel with galvanised screws/bolts so as to prevent problems of rust and corrosion.

The pricing varies based on whether you are ordering our posts or using your own as some of the work for setting up the system is included in the purchase of posts. If using your own posts please advise of the distance between centres so that we can position the components accordingly.